Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Feeling the Burn

Day 4 of working out and I feel like everything in my body burns. The strange thing is, I am really looking forward to tonight's work out. I have always been a person that dreads the idea of anything active, but something clicked recently. You know what really works, when your husband makes you really mad, like Matt did last night, I just stormed right out of the house and went straight to the gym. Who knew that aggression made for a great motivator!

This week I met with my nutritionist, who is going to try to help me sort out my eating issues. She had a little bit of a come to Jesus moment with me about throwing up and the effects that it can have on me in the long run. Let's just say, that I am scared straight and I have not upchucked in the last two days! For me that is a huge deal, because since my surgery 5 years ago, I haven't missed a day with out throwing up at least twice. She also gave me a second assignment, become accustomed to eating a breakfast. Did you know "People who miss breakfast are four times more likely than others to become obese, a new Harvard University study indicates". I have never eaten breakfast, I just didn't like it and wanted no part of it. So how do I change that, how does it become something that I enjoy instead of a chore?

Well, I am off to try to make breakfast interesting and enjoyable. Maybe I will set the table pretty like a french cafe and do a little light reading. Hmm... actually sounds like the perfect way to start my day! Have a wonderful day my lovelies!

Pic of my breakfast this morning. Avocado, 1 Egg and Wisecrackers. Kinda yummzztothezeee

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Carrie said...

What did I tell you about eating breakfast??? :-) You're doing great, babe!