Thursday, January 6, 2011

Senior Citizen Step Class Kicked My _____....

Yes, you heard it right, I was dominated and schooled by a bunch of 75 year old grandma's in step class this morning. In all fairness it was Step 2. Thank god Carla was with me, because 20 minutes in, I got very frustrated and mouthed to Carla "I'm out" as I stumbled around my step trying NOT to twist my ankle. She stopped mid around the world and gave me a come to Jesus, "This is what you do Mimi, if there is something you can't do then you quit! You are not going to quit this class because if you do, then I will." What? Is that what I do? Hmm... I guess I do.

Last night we went to Zumba class, a class I have attended several times with Carla and every time I have always quit half way in and stood there with my arms crossed, pouting that I wanted to go home. But last night was different, I didn't quit, not only that ,but I had fun. Scratch that, I had LOTS OF FUN! So lesson learned, if you don't quit, then one day your steps moves will be as sweet as grandmas. Challenge accepted!

PS... don't forget to email me any questions for my "Ask the Trainer/ Nutritionist" segment!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Shake My Booty

It's such a strange thing to wake up at 6:45 am with a huge smile on my face, get dressed in my awesome work out clothes, give the man a kiss goodbye for the day and get my booty to the gym. When did it become fun to work out? I am not sure if it my competitive side or if I just want to fit into my amazing vintage clothing I have been storing up all these years. But, let me tell you this, I love to shake my booty.

I hung out with my favorite cuzzie, Carla this morning and we talked a bit about cooking healthy. She asked me, how do you know how to cook something healthy? Uh... I guess I really don't know how, but I am learning little tricks. I don't use oils, I don't fry, I don't eat anything white, the more colors on your plate the healthier, and if it tastes like cardboard, it probably good for you. All easy peasy things that are pretty healthy. This little statement inspired something awesome... new weekly segments that you all can join in on:

Ask the Trainer!
Ask the Nutritionist!

Two very awesome women are showing me the ways to healthy and they are here to help you too! I am going to be writing little intro blogs on them later this week and every Wednesday we will be asking them the questions you have always wondered and didn't know who to ask. So please please please, send me your questions and they will answer. Send all questions to .

I am really looking forward to learning even more about what is going on with my body, aren't you? Have a fabulous day.

Some days I feel like this...

Monday, January 3, 2011

Oh, so your 2011, I've heard a lot about you... glad to meet you

I really feel the need to list the things I plan to do this year. Let's just say last year wasn't exactly my most favorite year, but some amazing things happen during it. So since this is an open forum of making my goals, here they are for 2011:

1. Win The Big Fat Bet.
2. Make healthy living a lifestyle.
3. No soda's for 1 year.
4. No Starbucks for 1 year.
5. Save as much money as possible.
6. Cut back on shopping as much as humanly possible.
7. Keep the house streamlined.
8. Keep in touch more with my family and friends.
9. Have more adventures.
10. Start trying for a little Max or Avi.

This is going to be one of those years that change my life.