Mimi's Story

The pretty fat girl.  The funny fat friend.  That is pretty much a good way to describe me growing up.  I loved life to the fullest and pretty much ate my way through it.  Being bigger has never held me back.  I have traveled, I have loved, I have partied with the best of them, I have been a fashionista!

2005 is the year that changed my life.  I was at my "full glory," 323 pounds of fun.  That was the year I graduated from college.  My sister was very ill with ulcertive collitus.  I didn't fit on a roller coaster ride (even with the extender).  I moved the Chicago.  I met the love of my life.  And I had my Lap Band Surgery in Peru.
Here I am 5 years later.  Married and living in Vegas.  Working as a makeup artist.  Talking babies.  Avid foodie.  Not too fat.  Not skinny.  Stuck in a plateau.

As you get older, you realize the harm certain things do to your body, especially if you are thinking of little ones.  So I have made a clear decision to change my life, one day at a time.  Join me as I learn about what being fat actually is and my crazy adventures to fit into a size 10 jeans.

At my "full glory" 323 lbs. 

My big belly never held me back. 

My 31st birthday (2010).