Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spin.... my idea of what Hell would be like.

Hello loves. So as my adventure in weight loss continues, I have matured in my sport wear. I even bought a new fancy pair of $100 trainers.

And some new ugly work out shirts, but have some sort of sweat technology thingy.

As I have been able to build my stamina, I have started to adventure in new classes. So here is this weeks:

Mimi's Idea of Personal Hell: Spin

See these little evil yellow things, yes, this is my idea of the vehicle I would be forced to ride, if I ever went to hell. This little yellow bike makes me sweat til my hair turns curly. It makes me turn red, then a little blue and finally, full on purple. It makes me curse my mama's name. So, why is it all I think about now? I think mostly because, last night, as I was contemplating, just leaving the class, I got a good look in the side mirror and saw my body's profile. And let me just say, I didn't like what I saw. So, I tried a little harder, and when I felt even more spent, I tried a little harder. By the time class was over, I was soaked in sweat, I looked beyond ugly, my legs were wobbly and I smelled like sweat and Lavin. Even though all this sounds terrible, I felt AMAZING! Like I conquered something. Its these little steps that make you want to push yourself further. So thank you little spit fire instructors with your cute little bandanas. You are helping me push myself further then I have ever made myself go. Next week..... Body Combat!

So friends, for those of you wondering, has she lost any from all her work outs........ check it out, a couple of pounds away from Onederland!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Twitter

Oh, I forgot! Don't forget to follow me on the twitter.... TheBigFatBet

Failing.. is it even an option?

So, again life has been too busy to keep up on my little blog. Here is a run down of the last couple of weeks: worked for 2 weeks straight push my weekends together so I can go home to VA to see my family, got sick 2 days before my mini vacation with the flu, went on vacation was too sick to enjoy it, came home (still sick) worked over worked over 40 hours in 4 days to make up for days off and extra hours I took off for being sick, caught up with as much work as possible AND going to wellness doctor. Yup that has been my life for the last 3 weeks. Pretty crazy.

So, in order to get back on track, this is where I currently stand regarding my bet: size 16 (but can zip into a 14), I am going to the gym 3 times a week, I am not really doing great on my diet ( I kinda blame getting seeing my Aunt Flo 3 times in a month!) and I weigh 204 pounds... Not so good.

I sorry, I just have been so down lately, this flu just won't go away. But, I know I can't make excuses any more, so I promise to get back on track... there's a lot riding on it!